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Queen Boudicca Engagement Ring by Yasmin Everley

Queen Boudicca Engagement Ring by Yasmin Everley

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This 18 carat yellow gold ring has been delicately carved with a moon and star emblem on the band, similar to what was depicted on the Iceni warriors' armour and other valuable items at the time. The four claw setting is designed to look like Boudicca's crown, shown on the statue commissioned by Prince Albert which stands outside the Houses of Parliament.

The price displayed is a guide and will vary depending on your choice of stone.

This piece is handcrafted using traditional lost wax casting and hallmarked by the London Assay Office. Please read my guide to jewellery care to ensure it lasts for many years!


The ring pictured is made using 18 carat fairtrade yellow gold and diamond. The diamond weighs 0.17 carats and comes from the Arctic Circle mines in Canada.


Contact me for the price! Each bespoke piece is made with your individual budget and specifications and so a price cannot be given for a person's own unique piece.

Queen Boudicca, 30 CE - 61 CE

This ring has been inspired by one of Britain's historical queens. Queen Boudicca, empress of the Iceni tribe in the South East of England, managed to unite the warring tribes of Briton and led them in to battle with the Roman Empire between AD 60 and AD 61, almost forcing the Romans to leave England. Roman writer Cassius Dio described her as; “very tall. Her eyes seemed to stab you. Her voice was harsh and loud. Her thick, reddish-brown hair flung down below her waist. She always wore a great golden torc around her neck and a flowing tartan cloak fastened with a brooch.” She died in AD 61, believed to have poisoned herself rather than be captured by the Romans.

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