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Joy Everley

Solid Gold Coffee Bean by Joy Everley

Solid Gold Coffee Bean by Joy Everley

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A beautifully gold coffee bean pendant for coffee lovers!

Only 1 bean left in stock!

Legend has it that coffee was discovered sometime in the 9th Century by Ethiopian goat herders who noticed their goats' strange behaviour after consuming the coffee berries. This delicate necklace would make a great treat for a coffee lover or someone who cannot imagine starting the day without a freshly brewed cup. Small and satisfyingly heavy, this coffee bean necklace can be worn everyday on a necklace or bracelet.

Suitable gold chains are available here

This barista inspired charm pendant was designed in London and has been handcrafted using traditional lost wax casting, before being hallmarked by the London Assay Office. 


Gold: 9ct Yellow Gold

Made from at least 75% recycled metals, including recycled gold.


The coffee bean is approximately 14mm x 6mm x 3mm.

Your choice of chain length.

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