Collection: Yellow Gold Necklaces

Gold Rush! Our yellow Gold necklaces are available in a gorgeous range of designs reflecting the natural World we live in, mythology and astrology. Take a look at our wildlife necklaces, our popular range of Diamond and Precious stone Gold necklaces and the fantastic range of Saxony letter necklaces by Yasmin Everley.

Responsibly Sourced Beauty

We don't believe that jewellery production should damage the natural World, that's why we use a large percentage of recycled and responsibly sourced Gold in the production of your yellow Gold necklace. We work with our fair trade supply chain and artisans to make sure the jewellery we offer is not only of the highest quality but has the least impact on Mother nature.

Designed by Joy, for you

Joy Everley has been creating beautiful, nature inspired yellow Gold necklaces for decades but if there's something you really want and you don't see it in our standard ranges, our bespoke jewellery design service offers a one-to-one consultation with Joy, who can talk through your design ideas and come up with a beautiful, one-off yellow Gold necklace.